Creative Spark Magazine 2016 Summer Issue

When I was asked to participate in this challenge I jumped at the opportunity. This challenge made me very nostalgic . I was asked to use some of the wonderful beads from and crea…

Source: Creative Spark Magazine 2016 Summer Issue


Creative Spark Magazine 2015 Summer issue

Once again I was privileged to contribute to ZnetShows Inc.and Creative Spark Magazine. I was allowed to choose the Cultured  Sea Glass  Beads that I wanted to use. My inspiration was ” The Garden”. I love working in the dirt, getting my hands dirty and helping things to grow.  One of my favorite blooms in the garden has always been the Okra flower.



 This design was inspired by the Okra Flower. I have always loved the soft colours of this bloom. I used ‘ZnetShows‘ S82-B81  – Cultured Sea Glass rondelle Beads in – Opague Yellow, S06-B37-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 10mm round Medium Amethyst and the spacer beads that came with another strand of cultured Seaglass.(S03-23-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass  Beads Peridot)
I have added a Sterling silver Navajo Earring as a pandant. I lost the other one in the garden so I thought this would be appropriate.
I made a pair of matching earrings using silver chain, S06-B37-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 10mm Medium Amethyst and the spacer beads that came with another strand of cluttered Seaglass.(S03-23-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads Peridot) and a small yellow crystal.
IMG_5721 copy 2
IMG_8721 3









Looking at the conch shells reminded  me  that at  the end of the day the Okra flower closes . I used a silver curb chain along with S29-B84 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads (conch shell)  39x20mm 84-Lemon ,S06-B37-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 10mm 37-Medium Amethyst , and S42-B23FOUR – Cultured Sea Glass tusk Beads varies 23-Peridot (20-pc-str) . I added a few small yellow jade beads to complete the look.IMG_8786This next necklace  was inspired by the colors of my hydrangea bush. 




IMG_8727 2


  I used S86-B39 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads in Periwinkle alone with S63-B31 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads ( oval ring) 26x22mm 31-Light Sapphire ,04-B31FIVE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 6mm 31-Light Sapphire -sky blue color (8-in-str)   and S76-B31 – Cultured Sea Glass hour glass Beads About 22x9mm 31-Light Sapphire. I added a blue/green green crystal to finish it off.


IMG_8750-2For the earnings I broke the hourglass into 2 pieces S76-B31 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads About 22x9mm 31-Light Sapphire along with a blue/green crystal.

With this last necklace I looked to the delicate flower of the sweet pea.

They are so soft and delicate that the pebbles did not need much to complete the illusion. BDS1926-92 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads (pebbles) about 9x6mm 0 -92 opaque seafoam green,. I added a few end caps and a silver fern leaf like pendant and a delicate silver chain.

Summer Vacation Blog Challenge

When Paula Winchester Hisel posted this challenge it really made me think. I remembered all the wonderful summers we spent in Charleston S.C., Myrtle Beach and Savannah. All the summers have become one memory in my mind. One beautiful memory.

To recreate my memory I used chrysoprase and vintage stick coral. I added a few pieces of bamboo coral and 14K gold beads and a handmade clasp.

I can feel the breeze in my hair and the sweet smell of the summer flowers. Thanks for the memories. I miss you Mom and Dad.IMG_8881 copy

Hats Off Challenge


The Challenge was for me to draw inspiration from the wonderful pictures of Derby Hats that our Hostess Bobbie Rafferty posted. You can see them here:
I was drawn to the black and white photos.I decided to try to make something that would be as bold around the neck as the hats were to the head. I hope you like it. I used only Natural Materials. My Native American culture inspired me once again. I used Bone, Horn, Stone and Wood . I made my headpins from copper. The clasp is also handmade using copper. I found the softest Greek Leather. It wears well.

Please stop by the other wonderful designers that have taken this challenge as well.
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This was my inspiration hat: Ascot3-1