Creative Spark Magazine 2016 Summer Issue

When I was asked to participate in this challenge I jumped at the opportunity. This challenge made me very nostalgic . I was asked to use some of the wonderful beads from and create summertime on a string.

As I thought about what summer means to me I remembered as a young girl being dropped off at the pool when they opened at 10:00 am and staying until closing time. Walking from the pool to the stables to ride the painted pony bareback and then back to the pool. The days seemed a week long. There was so much to do and see, so much to create.

My summers were filled with sun, water, nature, music and dance. I hope you enjoy my newest designs. Look close enough and I think you’ll see my summer.




 Chokers were originally designed for the purpose of protecting the necks and throats of the First Nation warriors during battle. They were and still are used to adorn themselves during specific tribal ceremonies. They were also worn to show a high social ranking among the tribes, and as a sign of wealth.

 My choker was made using Cultured Sea Glass tubes, bone. leather and feathers. As with most things Native, each colour has a meaning as well. The colours may mean different things to different tribes. I hope to see my dear friend and brother Frank wearing this one with his dance regalia this summer at our annual Pow Wow.


Along the same lines as the choker I used the Cultured Sea Glass tube beads to make this necklace. So many patterns mimic that of nature. Sometimes a bird, sometimes a snake. It just depends on the intention.


As I said in my opening, the days and nights seemed to last forever and ran together to make one beautiful memory. If I wasn’t at the pool, I was at the beach. I love the water. I am Piscean through and through. Different tribes used different treasures from nature to make their jewelry depending on what part of the country they lived. So…When at the beach….


For this necklace I used Cultured Sea Glass Nuggets, tubes and their beautiful Chinese Crystal Beads. I added the shells to finish it. Shells were once used as currency by many tribes.


For my last creation I decided to stay with my roots. My Spirit guide is the crow. She is a messenger as well as a trickster. My kind of girl. I used Cultured Sea Glass Tubes and Nuggets. I finished it off with their Chinese Crystal Beads. I added this beautiful pendant I received from my bestie Sandra Washington. She is also a featured artist .

To see my designs along with a list of everything I used and and link to buy these beautiful beads please check out this issue of Creative Spark Magazine. There are so many talented and diverse designers showcased that I know something will spark your interest. Enjoy !!!!!

cover summer 2016

Many thanks to Hope Smitherman. This beautiful magazine would not be possible without her. Mwah!!!!!


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