Hats Off Challenge


The Challenge was for me to draw inspiration from the wonderful pictures of Derby Hats that our Hostess Bobbie Rafferty posted. You can see them here: http://www.beadsong.blogspot.com/2013/04/hats-off-challenge-sign-ups.html
I was drawn to the black and white photos.I decided to try to make something that would be as bold around the neck as the hats were to the head. I hope you like it. I used only Natural Materials. My Native American culture inspired me once again. I used Bone, Horn, Stone and Wood . I made my headpins from copper. The clasp is also handmade using copper. I found the softest Greek Leather. It wears well.

Please stop by the other wonderful designers that have taken this challenge as well.
You can find their links here.http://www.beadsong.blogspot.com/2013/05/hats-off-challenge-reveal.html
This was my inspiration hat: Ascot3-1


15 thoughts on “Hats Off Challenge

  1. Gorgeous necklace! I want to pick it up and wear it right now—with or without the hat. Original and special interpretation of the hat challenge!

  2. Susan, it’s a great necklace — so bold, yet so delicate with the individual dangles. I love the contrast of the colors. Such a good reflection of the inspiration you got from the black and white hats! I can see this working beautifully with lots of the dresses I saw at Churchill Downs this weekend (believe me, many of them could have benefited from a bold necklace to cover a little of the abundant cleavage walking around!!) Thanks for being part of the challenge — hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Simply gorgeous! You certainly met your challenge. The ivory tones are such an elegant background for your blacks and coppery browns. Stunning interpretation!

  4. This is gorgeous, bold, and a real statement piece! Limiting the color choices really sharpens the piece. Love it!

  5. Because I’m not a fan of hats (only because they look ridiculous on me for some reason), I would totally wear this necklace as my derby statement piece!!! I love its beauty and earthiness!

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