Today is A Very Merry Un-Birthday!


Back in March I told you about another bead swap I signed up to do.  Another jewelry artist and I were paired to create items for each other using the colors of our birth stones as inspiration.

My partner in this swap is Mowse Doyle.  Her birthday is in November and her birth stone is Yellow Topaz or Citrine.  From the beginning, finding the right materials was a challenge for me.  For some reason BONE is not a birth stone!  I know.  Strange–right? I did have some citrine beads and carnelian chips that were nice and the right colors.  These paired well with some black onyx I have from a stash of vintage beads.  I also found some Swarovski Yellow Topaz doughnuts that were the perfect color.  I knew I wanted to make a necklace, but finding a focal was proving to be difficult.  I searched my local bead store trying every stone and crystal for something that would work.  Then I found this pretty, leather-wrapped bead with metal and topaz accents.  That will work.

Editor’s note:  The pictures I took of the jewelry I sent to Mowse didn’t save for some reason.  The pictures of my work are what she sent to me. Thank goodness my package didn’t get lost in the mail!

unbirthday2 pendant

Once I had everything together, the design phase went pretty quickly.  I used two of the Swarovski doughnuts to wrap the pendant vertically. (It just didn’t work for me sideways.)   I like the cosmic effect of the topaz rings with the onyx beads.  Unsure of the length and wanting something comfortable (and pretty) to wear on the back of her neck, I finished with some small onyx beads and a toggle clasp.

I kept things simple for the earrings.  I made a classic vertical bar with the citrine and onyx beads and added some Chinese crystals (I love the unusual shape) and some Preciosa bi-cones, wrapped separately for movement.  What do you think?

unbirthday1 and earrings

This was a fun project.  Creating with a particular color was a lot more difficult than I thought, but un-birthdays are special so I wanted my present to be special, too!

I bet you want to see what Mowse sent me.  You will have to visit her blog to get the details, but here’s a peek.

mowse unbirthday presentVery pretty–right?! Mowse’s work can also be found at

Thanks to Shelley and Marlene for hosting the party!

Want to see what everyone else got?  Here’s a list of the links.

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Gina Hockett
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Joana Perez Stribel
Lori Schneider
Mary Govaars
Mischelle Fanucchi
Paula Gaskill
Renetha Stanziano
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Sherry Baun
Shirley Moore
Sierra Barrett
Susie Harris
Cindy Muse
Ellie Grossman
Marlene Cupo
Shelley Graham Turner

12 thoughts on “Today is A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

  1. What a wonderful design. Love it, but then again, that could be because Topaz is also MY BIRTHSTONE. hehehehe. Glad your gift made it on time and so glad you had fun with our little surprise party.

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