ZnetShows Mini Summer Blog Hop

new arrivals blog hop bannerOnce again I am so lucky. I was asked to make something with the new arrivals of ZnetShows Cultured Sea Glass. I was sent PMX11-B28 ( Cultured sea glass freeform regular center drilled nugget graduated stacking mix ) and PMX13-B28 ( Cultured sea glass freeform large hole nuggets ). There just isn’t anything prettier than the color turquoise. Add it to beautiful glass and POW you have something special.

IMG_3946I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with these beauties so with my good friend Sandra Washington, we decided to visit our local Mexican restaurant. Have you ever seen one one of those giant blue margaritas? images

My inspiration was on the glass not in it. 🙂




I added some epsom salt with a little clear polish to give the beads a salted or sanded look. I had a few of ZnetShows # S06-B28FIVE rounds and a few beads from my private stash. They actually glow in the dark !! This was just too cool. I hope you like my newest creations. I call this set…Salt on the rim. 😉



Its really hard to see but they do glow in the dark…..

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Creative Spark Magazine 2016 Summer Issue

When I was asked to participate in this challenge I jumped at the opportunity. This challenge made me very nostalgic . I was asked to use some of the wonderful beads from www.ZnetShows.com and create summertime on a string.

As I thought about what summer means to me I remembered as a young girl being dropped off at the pool when they opened at 10:00 am and staying until closing time. Walking from the pool to the stables to ride the painted pony bareback and then back to the pool. The days seemed a week long. There was so much to do and see, so much to create.

My summers were filled with sun, water, nature, music and dance. I hope you enjoy my newest designs. Look close enough and I think you’ll see my summer.




 Chokers were originally designed for the purpose of protecting the necks and throats of the First Nation warriors during battle. They were and still are used to adorn themselves during specific tribal ceremonies. They were also worn to show a high social ranking among the tribes, and as a sign of wealth.

 My choker was made using www.ZnetShows.com Cultured Sea Glass tubes, bone. leather and feathers. As with most things Native, each colour has a meaning as well. The colours may mean different things to different tribes. I hope to see my dear friend and brother Frank wearing this one with his dance regalia this summer at our annual Pow Wow.


Along the same lines as the choker I used the www.ZnetShows.com Cultured Sea Glass tube beads to make this necklace. So many patterns mimic that of nature. Sometimes a bird, sometimes a snake. It just depends on the intention.


As I said in my opening, the days and nights seemed to last forever and ran together to make one beautiful memory. If I wasn’t at the pool, I was at the beach. I love the water. I am Piscean through and through. Different tribes used different treasures from nature to make their jewelry depending on what part of the country they lived. So…When at the beach….


For this necklace I used www.ZnetShows.com Cultured Sea Glass Nuggets, tubes and their beautiful Chinese Crystal Beads. I added the shells to finish it. Shells were once used as currency by many tribes.


For my last creation I decided to stay with my roots. My Spirit guide is the crow. She is a messenger as well as a trickster. My kind of girl. I used www.ZnetShows.com Cultured Sea Glass Tubes and Nuggets. I finished it off with their Chinese Crystal Beads. I added this beautiful pendant I received from my bestie Sandra Washington. She is also a featured artist .

To see my designs along with a list of everything I used and and link to buy these beautiful beads please check out this issue of Creative Spark Magazine. There are so many talented and diverse designers showcased that I know something will spark your interest. Enjoy !!!!!

cover summer 2016

Many thanks to Hope Smitherman. This beautiful magazine would not be possible without her. Mwah!!!!!

Creative Spark Magazine 2015 Summer issue

Once again I was privileged to contribute to ZnetShows Inc.and Creative Spark Magazine. I was allowed to choose the Cultured  Sea Glass  Beads that I wanted to use. My inspiration was ” The Garden”. I love working in the dirt, getting my hands dirty and helping things to grow.  One of my favorite blooms in the garden has always been the Okra flower.



 This design was inspired by the Okra Flower. I have always loved the soft colours of this bloom. I used ‘ZnetShows‘ S82-B81  – Cultured Sea Glass rondelle Beads in – Opague Yellow, S06-B37-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 10mm round Medium Amethyst and the spacer beads that came with another strand of cultured Seaglass.(S03-23-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass  Beads Peridot)
I have added a Sterling silver Navajo Earring as a pandant. I lost the other one in the garden so I thought this would be appropriate.
I made a pair of matching earrings using silver chain, S06-B37-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 10mm Medium Amethyst and the spacer beads that came with another strand of cluttered Seaglass.(S03-23-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads Peridot) and a small yellow crystal.
IMG_5721 copy 2
IMG_8721 3









Looking at the conch shells reminded  me  that at  the end of the day the Okra flower closes . I used a silver curb chain along with S29-B84 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads (conch shell)  39x20mm 84-Lemon ,S06-B37-ONE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 10mm 37-Medium Amethyst , and S42-B23FOUR – Cultured Sea Glass tusk Beads varies 23-Peridot (20-pc-str) . I added a few small yellow jade beads to complete the look.IMG_8786This next necklace  was inspired by the colors of my hydrangea bush. 




IMG_8727 2


  I used S86-B39 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads in Periwinkle alone with S63-B31 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads ( oval ring) 26x22mm 31-Light Sapphire ,04-B31FIVE – Cultured Sea Glass Beads 6mm 31-Light Sapphire -sky blue color (8-in-str)   and S76-B31 – Cultured Sea Glass hour glass Beads About 22x9mm 31-Light Sapphire. I added a blue/green green crystal to finish it off.


IMG_8750-2For the earnings I broke the hourglass into 2 pieces S76-B31 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads About 22x9mm 31-Light Sapphire along with a blue/green crystal.

With this last necklace I looked to the delicate flower of the sweet pea.

They are so soft and delicate that the pebbles did not need much to complete the illusion. BDS1926-92 – Cultured Sea Glass Beads (pebbles) about 9x6mm 0 -92 opaque seafoam green,. I added a few end caps and a silver fern leaf like pendant and a delicate silver chain.

Creative Spark Magazine Winter 2015 Challenge

As a designer for ZnetShows Inc. it has been my pleasure to work with so many talented people. We are given the opportunity to design with such great products. There are times when we do NOT know what beads we will be given and what the theme might be. Other times we are allowed to choose whatever we want to work with.  I am not really sure which I prefer. Both are such fun.  As many of you beaders know, finding new beads to work with can be a challenge or at the very least expensive. I find new and exciting things each and every time I shop from ZnetShows Inc.

Please take the time to look at all the wonderful work done by so many designers. We love designing for you. Visit their blogs and pages. My work can be found on pages 24-26 .cover-2

You can see more about ZNetShows here: www.facebook.com/znetshows & www.znetshows.blogspot.com They also sell Wholesale .

In this challenge, we were given the theme “ICY”. Here are the beads they sent me.IMG_0157

I looked through my FaceBook posts and found these pictures. They were my inspiration
This is my husband Larry.  Last year when Atlanta was shut down for several days due to ice, snow and 18 wheeler traffic jams, he was caught in the storm overnight.  I called him every hour to make sure he was ok.
My car had these “ICY ALIENS” on all four wheel…My Inspiration !!!



I used these ZNetShows Products in this design I call it “Alien Ice”
S84-B88 – Cultured Sea Glass double hole cone beads Light Aqua `Coke` bottle Seafoam

RT127-28 – Faceted Chinese crystal glass rondelles in Turquoise Bay

BDS1926-03 – Cultured Sea Glass pebbles in aquamarine

I wired the cones into a star shape and made a handmade clasp and ear wires.


My next challenge was to use the beautiful Cultured Sea Glass pebbles in Tangerine.  Hmmm?????  Orange and Icy.  Aha , as a former bartender I decided to call this one “Tequila Sunrise on Ice.” I added a handmade gold clasp and ear wires.  TA DA !!!!!!!

IMG_6571 IMG_6570 IMG_6538 IMG_6537_2

I used ZNetShows’ S50-B83FIVE Cultured Sea Glass freeform button spacer Beads in Tangerine. I added a bone focal,  some beautiful Orange Agates and well as a handmade silver clasp. The earrings have handmade silver ear wires.  Thirsty Yet?


My next creation was fun to make. You see the glass beads I used were “glow in the dark”  The beads reminded me of the new grass under the ice.  I call this “Glow Worm”  I added a Tibetan Hand Carved Ohm pendent.  I matched this with some copper beads and a hand made copper clasp.

I used S03-20-ONE-Cultured Sea Glass rounds 4mm 2-0 in Light Olive and S81-B23-Cultured Sea Glass tube beads in Peridot.


IMG_6542 IMG_6550_2

A special thanks to Bill and Hope for everything they do and everything they let us do!!!!!!

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Creative Spark Magazine

8121210-1.jpg When Hope Smitherman of  Crafty Hope Jewelry sent out a call for designers for the fall issue of Creative Spark Magazine, I immediately answered. I so love the ZnetShows challenges.There were three categories we could try: Fall inspired designs, Jewelry in under an hour with tutorial and my favorite Up-cycled jewelry. We were allowed to choose from the extensive collection of beads and crystals from Znetshows. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I love to use natural materials in my designs. I design and sell under the name of Stones and Bones. The name says it all.

2014-09-17 12.10.01

Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons so this was a challenge I really wanted to do. I first needed to choose my beads. I decided to use these wonderful products in my designs:
BDS1879-02 – Aqua Terra Jasper round Beads
RS137-25 – Chinese crystal designer glass rondelle Beads faceted about 14x10mm 25-Shamrock -bottle green
RT101-28AB – Chinese crystal designer glass rondelle Beads faceted about 8x5mm 28AB-Turquoise Bay AB
RS263-93 – Chinese crystal designer glass coin Beads faceted 10mm 93 – Wine Red with Matte sides
BDS1841-03 red jasper nugget Beads faceted

My first design was an old buckle of a skull.2014-09-20 12.27.24 I used the orange Aqua Terra Jasper 8mm round Beads. (BDS1879-02) & Chinese crystal Shamrock Bottle Green Faceted designer glass rondelles 14 x 10 mm Beads .(RS137-25) . I added some silver chain, small silver skulls, silver spacers and a hand made hook for a fastener. I call this set Trick or TreatIMG_0121 2 While setting up to photograph it, a small feather blew across and landed on the skull. The perfect touch.

IMG_0129For my next up cycled  item I found an old flange. I’m not sure for what it was used , but i liked it the minute I saw it.  2014-09-20 12.26.08The necklace is made up of Amazonite Pebbles, Chinese crystal  faceted designer glass  8×5 mm AB Turquoise Bay rondelle beads  (RT101-28AB), & Chinese crystal designer glass coin 10mm Wine Red with Matte sides faceted beads (RS263-93) I added a beautiful Jasper Focal. I attached the flange and one of the “wine red” crystals as well as a lovely lemon quartz crystal to the Jasper. I finished it with a hand made hook. It has such an earthy feel that I named it Denim and DirtIMG_0109IMG_0111



I found an old Tibetan Buckle. The design on it is the symbol for “all of humanity”. I had to make something using this piece.

To have it hang correctly I needed to add a few jump rings and chain. I attached this to a Deer Skull pendant. It was coming together nicely. I used red jasper nugget faceted beads (BDS1841-03) and added some beautiful green turquoise. I still needed something else so I dug into my stash and found something that I had left over from another ZNetShow challenge. I found a few Chinese crystal designer glass hexagon 16x15mm faceted beads.( RS179-70L) They finished the necklace nicely. A nice bronze hook for a clasp and all that was left was to give my piece a name. I decided to go with Humanity.


I hope you like the designs I created for you and Happy Harvest !!

Please take the time to check out all the other designers in the Fall issue. I know you will enjoy it !!!